In memory of Helmut Cölfen

The Colloid Society mourns the loss of Professor Helmut Cölfen, an esteemed colleague, brilliant scientist, and inspiring personality whose contributions to the colloid and interface research field have left their mark.

In 2022, we had the honor of awarding Professor Cölfen the prestigious Liesegang Prize in recognition of his exceptional contributions to our field. This award was a testament to his outstanding achievements and his high regard in the scientific community.

In addition to his scientific excellence, Helmut was also known for his impressive personality. He had a unique ability to connect with people and foster an environment of collaboration and curiosity. His legacy goes beyond his research. We bid farewell to Helmut Cölfen and extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Helmut’s passing is a profound loss to the Colloid Society and the scientific community. Nevertheless, his spirit and contributions will continue to inspire current and future generations of scientists.