About the Kolloid-Gesellschaft (“Colloid Society”)

The Kolloid-Gesellschaft is one of the established scientific associations in Germany. Founded in Leipzig in 1922, it was multidisciplinary right from the start and always had a strong connection to the industrial application of colloids.

Inspiration through exchange

Several hundred scientists from physics, chemistry, pharmacy, and food processing technology belong to society today.

Various conferences, workshops, and symposiums are held regularly to maintain national and international contacts. These activities excite scientists working on soft matter, materials science, biophysics, nanotechnology, surfactants, polymers, environmental sciences, or industrial formulations.

The General Assembly of the Kolloid-Gesellschaft is scheduled to take place every two years in the fall at different venues. Special framework topics are defined for these congresses, which often have an international character. In addition to this central topic, there are always lectures and poster sessions on general colloid and interface science topics. The Annual General Meeting, therefore, also offers a good overview of current research activities.

In addition to these general events, Ostwald colloquia are held on special key topics. The focus of interest is, e.g., nanomaterials, foams, emulsions, microemulsions, suspensions, gels, surfactants, polymers, microcapsules, intelligent materials, or ultra-thin layers (films). Ostwald colloquia are organized at different times at different conference locations; Depending on the topic, they have a national or international character.

The Zsigmondy colloquia (formerly the Young Talent Days) of the Kolloid-Gesellschaft are primarily aimed at younger employees who deal intensively with colloidal systems as part of their research activities. The special workshops are intended to bring together young scientists from different areas of basic and application-oriented colloid and interface research and offer them the opportunity for an intensive exchange of information and experience. As part of the Zsigmondy Colloquium, there is the opportunity to present your own research results in the form of lectures or posters. This event is intended to allow experts from industry and universities to become aware of talented young scientists. The topic addressed covers the entire spectrum of modern colloid and interface research. Zsigmondy colloquia are held at annual intervals in spring.