Award ceremony during the 51st Annual General Meeting 2022

A special issue celebrating 100 years of the Colloid Society has been published in Colloid and Polymer Science.

During the 51st Annual General Meeting of the Kolloid-Gesellschaft, to be held from 28-30. September 2022, with the theme 100 Years Kolloid-Gesellschaft Colloid Science – as Modern as Ever, the following prizes were awarded by the Kolloid-Gesellschaft:

  • Ostwald Award: Paul Mulvaney, Melbourne
  • Steinkopff Award: Gero Decher, Straßbourg
  • Liesegang Award: Helmut Coelfen, Konstanz
  • Zsigmondy grant: Juliane Simmchen, Dresden
  • Graham grant: Peter Schurtenberger, Lund

Paul Mulvaney

Paul Mulvaney, Director of the NanoScience Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, received the Ostwald Award in recognition of his work on nanocrystal spectroscopy. (Photo copyright: Michael Gradzielski)

Gero Decher

Gero Decher, Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, received the Steinkopff Award in recognition of his work on coating substrates with polyelectrolytes. (Photo copyright: Michael Gradzielski)

Helmut Coelfen

Helmut Coelfen, Constance, received the Liesegang Award in recognition of his work on analytical ultracentrifugation in colloid analysis. (Photo copyright: Michael Gradzielski)

Juliane Simmchen

Juliane Simmchen, Dresden, received the Zsigmondy grant to support her work on photocatalytically active colloids and their behavior at interfaces. (Copyright photo: Michael Gradzielski)

Peter Schurtenberger

Peter Schurtenberger, Lund University, Sweden, received the Graham Prize in recognition of his contributions to international and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of colloid science. (Photo copyright: Michael Gradzielski)