2013 Colloid Society Award Winner

The award winners of 2013 are:

Steinkopff Award: Reinhard Strey, Cologne

Graham Award: Thomas Zemb, Montpellier

Liesegang Award: Werner Goedel, Chemnitz

Zsigmondy Scholarship: Dmitry Volodkin, Potsdam

Rheinhard Strey

Reinhard Strey received the Steinkopff Award in recognition of his work on nucleation, the structure elucidation of microemulsions and the application of these findings in practice (microemulsion boosting, nanofoam, H2Oleum).

Thomas Zemb

Thomas Zemb received the Graham Award in recognition of his cross-border work on the structural elucidation of complex fluids and cationic/anionic systems.

Werner Goedel

Werner Goedel received the Liesegang Award in recognition of his work on particle-assisted wetting and the application of the findings to the creation of nanostructured materials.

Dmitry Volodkin

Dmitry Volodkin received the Zsigmondy Scholarship for his contributions to the preparation of functionalized capsules, particles and films.