Steinkopff Prize

Theodor Steinkopff (26.5.1870 - 29.3.1955) and Georg Springer founded the scientific publishing company Steinkopff & Springer in Dresden in 1898. In 1908, Steinkopff established his own company, the "Theodor Steinkopff-Verlag", where he edited and printed the journals "Kolloid-Zeitschrift" (today: Colloid and Polymer Science) and "Kolloidchemische Beihefte" (today: "Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science" and many books on colloid chemistry. The interest of this company was focussed in medical and scientific literature. Besides these activities as editor, Theodor Steinkopff was one of the founding members of the Colloid Society and until 1945 also treasurer of this organization. For his scientific work he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree by the Technical University of Dresden, he obtained the Laura R. Leonhard Prize in 1940, and he was an honorary member of the Colloid Society.

The Colloid Society can award scientists the Steinkopff Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of industrial, technological applications of colloid, polymer or interface science, or environmental aspects. The prize consists of a certificate and a memorial coin.


Laureates since 1979

1979 Milan Josef Schwuger, Düsseldorf

1993 Dušan Vučelić, Belgrad

1996 Dieter Horn, Ludwigshafen

1997 Enrico Borgarello, San Donato (IT)

2005 Wolfgang v. Rybinski, Düsseldorf

2009 Eckhard Schollmeyer, Krefeld

2013 Reinhard Strey, Köln

2017 Rainer H. Müller, Berlin

2019 Werner Kunz, Regensburg

2021 Joachim Venzmer, Essen