The Kolloid-Gesellschaft (Colloid Society) was founded in 1922 in Leipzig upon the initiative of Wolfgang Ostwald and several hundred colloid scientists from academia and industry.

A detailed presentation of the foundation history, including many historical documents, can be found in the book of Klaus Beneke „70 Jahre Kolloid-Gesellschaft" (in German), which can be downloaded as pdf here.

Further historical information about colloid science is available in German on the homepage of K. Beneke at the CAU Kiel: Geschichte der Kolloid- und Grenzflächenwissenschaften.

Since its foundation, the Colloid Society has continuously honored outstanding scientific achievements with its awards and stipends. Information about the laureates can be found in the menu under the link "awards".

For example, the Laura R. Leonard Prize is shown on the left-hand side. This award was offered and sponsored by the American physician Martin Heinrich Fischer (born 1879 in Kiel, Germany-1962)..



Chair of Colloid Society

1922 to 1943 Wolfgang Ostwald (1883 - 1943), Leipzig
After the premature death of Wolfgang Ostwald, the 2. Chair Alfred Lottermoser (1870 - 1945), Dresden, administrates from 1943 up to his death in 1945.

1949 to 1967 Hans Erbring (1903 - 1982), Bensberg

1967 to 1987 Armin Weiss (1927-2011), München

1987 to 1991 Heinz Hoffmann, Bayreuth

1991 to 1999 Milan Schwuger, Jülich

1999 to 2003 Wolfgang von Rybinski, Düsseldorf

2003 to 2007 Helmuth Möhwald, Golm

2007 to 2011 Hans-Jürgen Butt, Mainz

2011 to 2015 Joachim Venzmer, Essen

2015 to 2019 Walter Richtering, Aachen

2019 to date Michael Gradzielski, Berlin



1991 to 1999 Wolfgang von Rybinski, Düsseldorf

1999 to 2003 Heinz Rehage, Dortmund

2003 to 2005 Helmut Auweter, Ludwigshafen

2005 to 2011 Joachim Venzmer, Evonik, Essen

2011 to 2015 Walter Richtering, Aachen

2015 to 2019 Michael Gradzielski, Berlin

2019 to date Andreas Fery, Berlin



1979 to 2003 Gerhard Lagaly, Kiel

2003 to 2009 Heinz Rehage, Dortmund

2009 to 2015 Monika Schönhoff, Münster

2015 to date Claudia Schmidt, Paderborn